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I'm putting my money where my mouth is!  I'm not going to ask others to share if I won't do it myself so... here is the personal blog of Daphne Lynn Tapp Worlety.  I do not write this blog because I think anyone should necessarily care what I have to say but rather with the wish that someone out there might identify or find a thought or circumstance that rings true in their own lives.  To hopefully gain the realization that we are not as alone as we sometimes feel.  Sometimes hearing an alternate viewpoint or way of thinking opens our minds to ideas and concepts that help us all grown as people, this is why therapy is so helpful.   So here's some free therapy! LOL  Use it as you will. 

Me and my husband Chuck

One year ago today

One year ago today I lost the most loyal and faithful friend I'd ever had. My Lexie Bug greeted me at the door every day for over 12 years, wagging that tail as hard as she could go, so damn happy to see me. She listened and she loved me. She was an anxious little thing. She weighed 7 pounds dripping wet and thought she was bigger than every dog she met. She didn't like a lot of people. But she loved me.

I never understood the grief when I saw others experiencing it. Now I'll never forget.

Lexie Bug Tapp

9/19/2010 - 11/27/2022

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Lexie Bug ❤️ I'm grateful I got the chance to meet her sweet self. Sending hugs XO.


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