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Women's PU Leather Martens Boots (Model 402H)

Black checkerboard pattern with skulls- these boots will give you confidence in every step!
PU Leather, black rubber sole, these women's Doc Martens have a glossy leather upper that is easy to clean and care for. Black rubber soles are non-slip and provide plenty of comfort. Excellent quality, durable, classic everything, suitable for all kinds of casual occasions, increase your sense of fashion. The laces are adjustable, the eight-hole design elongates the leg proportion, and the back of the shoes is black pull ring, which is more convenient to wear and take off.

For women.
【Sizes】US6.5, US7, US7.5, US8.5, US9, US9.5, US10, US11, US12.
【Washing notice】The upper can be wiped with a wet cloth, do not use a brush brush, after cleaning to dry in a cool ventilated place, not in the sun!



Checkerboard Women's Doc Martens Boots

SKU: D2868696
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